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Data entry error tool (DEET)

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The data entry error tool (DEET) is a report that helps you make sure your program offerings are in line with the Parks and Recreation Department's publication standards. The DEET will check a section's information with Department policies (registration dates, age categories, standardized fees, etc.). It also shows you reminders (reserving the rooms for your programs, ensuring age rules are correct, etc.) for what's needed to make sure your programs run smoothly. Any errors that the report finds will show in RED, and that's your indication that your section needs changes.

You have two options if you see RED on your DEET report:

  1. Correct the section's information so that it is consistent with the Departmental standards.
  2. Email [email protected] with an explanation of why the program was entered as such so that we can discuss the best course of action.
Run a DEET Report
  1. Log in to PARKS DIRECT, select the menu icon on the upper-left, and then select Custom Reports under Quick Links. PARKS DIRECT will bring you to the custom reports' server.
  2. Select Data Entry Reports > Data Entry Error Tool (DEET).
  3. At the top of the screen, choose your parameters. The parameters are as follows:
    • Year -Choose the year you would like to report on.
    • Season -Choose the appropriate season you would like to report on (spring, summer, fall, winter, summer day camps, or school year).
    • Cost Center -Choose the cost center you would like to report on. Programs will only appear if they are associated with the correct cost center. You can only run one cost center at a time, so programmers or managers supervising multiple sites may need to run this for each cost center.
  4. Select View Report on the right to view the DEET's results.

Select the menu icon, then Custom Reports. See above.

After selecting Data Entry Reports, select Data Entry Error Tool (DEET). See above.

Select the correct parameters for your section (Year, Season, Cost Center). Then select View Report. See above.

DEET indication for incorrectly entered data

After running a DEET report, a list of results will appear, and anything that needs to be addressed will appear in RED. In most cases, the section title will tell you what corrective action to take.

In the example below, the DEET returned the age-range columns in red because the age-range (13 and up) a programmer previously entered doesn't match the Department's standards for adult programs (18 & up).

The example DEET report returned the Min Age and Max Age columns in red, indicating the age rage is incorrect for an adult program.

If you are unsure what corrective action to take, call or email the Help Desk for assistance.

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