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Section Drop-Ins Report

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If your Activity Sections are set up to allow drop-ins, you can easily report on how many visits you had to those sections. The reports will be grouped by date so that you can easily see how much extra revenue was generated through drop-ins. This report can come in handy when it's time to pay your instructor.

If you want a single report to show attendance that includes drop-ins AND preregistered clients, you'll need to post your attendance. See how to post attendance for your registered clients here.

  1. Click the Reporting tab.
  2. Click Report Listing.
  3. Click the Activity tab if it's not expanded.
  4. Click Activity Visit Reports.
  1. Filter the activity section datagrid.
  2. Select the section(s) you wish to report on applying report filtering conditions as necessary.
  3. Click Process.

You will be given a report showing drop-ins (and registrants if attendance was entered) by date. The summary at the bottom of the report will show the total visits to your facility because of the activity section and show additional revenue created by drop-ins.

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