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How to create a section

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In PARKS DIRECT, sections are the subset of activities, and sections are organized with section codes. Section codes, which break down into three parts: season, location, and section letter (468B), represent their respective section in PARKS DIRECT's database. Programmers should use the steps below as a reference guide for creating their program's section. 

If you're looking to create a Section with Drop-ins please see How to create drop-in visits for an activity's section

Open the section with Activity Management

1. Log in to PARKS DIRECT and select Management > Activity Management > Activity Management.

2. To quickly find the activity your section will go under, enter a description of the activity in the Short Description box on the Activity Management screen. Or, if you know the activity code, you can enter it in the Activity Code box. Then press Enter on your keyboard.

If you do not see an activity that currently exists for your section, you will need to fill out an Activity Request Form to Public Affairs & Marketing Division to get one created.

3. In the example below, a programmer found the right activity by entering lifeguarding into the Short Description box. Once you find the right activity, select the activity on the datagrid then Section Management.

4. Select Add and the Default Record Add window will open. Next select Continue. Activity Section Management will open.

Enter the section's data

After you've added all information to your section, remember to save your section.

1. Core tab

The Core tab contains the "nuts and bolts" of a section.

1. Enter your section’s information into every box that’s labeled with red text with an asterisk. Also make sure to check the checkboxes next to the days when you're scheduling the section.  

Use the Section code cheat sheet to identify your section code.

2. To reserve the facility, room, park, etc., where you're hosting your section, enter the name into the Facility box. Choosing the right facility will prevent double-bookings.

Select the picklist icon to see the full facilities list.

3. Scroll down then select WebTrac Settings. PARKS DIRECT will expand the program's WebTrac settings.

4. Enter your program's keyword search phrases into the Keyword Search box. Separate keywords and phrases with a comma. Add as many keywords or phrases as you'd like.

Keyword search phrases help customers quickly locate the programs they're interested in. When customers enter your program's keyword into WebTrac's search box, they will see your program listed as a result.

If you’re unsure what you should enter into the boxes, move your cursor onto the information icon above the box (the "i" with the circle around it).  If your screen doesn't have the "i" with the circle around it you'll need to enable this feature in PARKS DIRECT. Select the Support icon on the bottom-left corner.

The Support tool box will appear, select the Enable In-App Help button to enable this feature. The icons will appear on your screen. To view the information scroll your cursor over the icon or you can select it for full details.  To disable move the button under the support screen back disable.

2. Fees tab

The Fees tab is where you will enter your section's prices and choose where the section's revenue will be allocated.

1. Enter your section’s cost center or your accounting unit in the WildCard Cost Center box. You can select the icon to the right of the box for a list of cost centers.

2. Select Link Set near the bottom right, then Link Set As Template on the dropdown menu.

3. Enter section in the Description box, then choose Template - Section Registration Fees >  Create Set Template.

4. Select the new fee with the description Registration Fee from the list. Then select Change > Change Fee.

5. Enter the section's price in the Amount Box. Then select Save.

You don’t need to enter a non-resident or impact area fee. PARKS DIRECT will automatically calculate a non-resident and/or impact area fee for your section.

Go here for more on Park and Recreation's policy on residency pricing.

3. Rules tab

The Rules tab is where programmers set their section's age range.

1. Select the Rules tab on the top of the Activity Section Update window.

2. At the bottom of the window, select Link Set > Link Set As Template on the dropdown menu.

3. Enter age in the Description box. Next, press Enter on your keyboard.

4. Select Age Range - General then Create Set Template.

5. Select the age rule with the description Age Range. Then Change > Change Rule on the new window.

6. Select the age criteria, then Change.

7. Enter your section's age range in the Begin Age and End Age boxes. Then select Save.

Ages in the End Age box need to end with .99 if you want everyone who’s that age to be eligible for your section.

PARKS DIRECT is very precise when it comes to ages. For example, if a section’s End Age is 60, someone who just turned 60 will be eligible, but someone who’s technically 60 years and 11 months old (60.92) will be blocked from joining. However, if the section’s End Age is 60.99, the same 60 year-and-11-month-old will be eligible because they’re within the age range.

  • 18 - 60.99 includes ages between 18 and 60
  • 18 - 60 includes ages between 18 and anyone who just turned 60

For more information about age ranges, go to this article.

4. Email Features tab

Email Features tab is for programmers to set up automatic notifications about changes to their section.

1. Select the Email Features tab on the top of the window, then select Add on the bottom-left corner.

2. Select the Transaction Types box and check the transaction's checkboxes that you want PARKS DIRECT to automatically notify you about via email.

Cancellation - emails you when someone withdraws from your section.

Cancellation With Waitlist - emails you when someone withdraws from your section that has a waitlist.

Enrollment - emails you when someone joins your section.

Full Enrollment - emails you when your section is full.

Minimum Count Reached - emails you when your section reaches minimum enrollment (set in the section’s Core tab).

Waitlist Enrollment - emails you when someone joins your section’s waitlist.

3. In the Free From Contact List box, enter the email you want PARKS DIRECT to send the notifications. Then select Save.

If you want to add more than one email address, separate the addresses with a comma. You can add more emails using more commas.

5. Comments tab

Programmers use the Comments tab is to input the section's description.

  1. Select the Comment tab on the top of the Activity Section Update window.
  2. Enter the section’s Brochure Code in the box (a section’s brochure code is the same as its activity code).
  3. Select Save when you’re finished.
    • If you see the icon with an exclamation mark (pictured below), you need to enter more information.

Keep in mind

Brochure Code - appears in the Your Guide (brochure codes are predetermined. However, you can add more information by entering text into the Brochure Text box).

Comment Code - prints on clients’ receipt.

Tickler Code - appears before a transaction. Tickler codes are for re-enforcing a message, for example, a dress code or class-specific supplies.

If you want to allow drop-ins for your section, please go to this article on creating drop-ins.

6. Save your section and close Activity Section Management

1. Select Save at the bottom of the Activity Section Update window if you haven't done so already.

Double-check the section datagrid to make sure that your new section is listed.

2. Close the Activity Section Management window. Move your cursor over the window's tab to reveal the close button (X). Finally, select the on the right.

You have to close Activity Section Management every time you create a new section.  In other words, you have to close Activity Section Management so you are not "locked in" to an activity.

Once Activity Section Management is closed, you must select an activity on the Activity Management datagrid. Then open a new Activity Section Management window for creating a new section. When you start creating a new section, add section information to the core tab, fees tab, rules tab, email feature, and comment tab, as shown in the steps above.

The new section must have a sufficient amount of information before you can create it. If you see the icon pictured below, you need to enter more information. 

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