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Activity Roster by Date Enrolled (Waitlist Management)

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Managing a waitlist can be made easier by pulling a class roster report sorted by date and time of enrollment. This will make it easy to determine who has the highest priority if a space opens up in your activity section.

  1. Click Reporting.
  2. Select Activity Enrollment Reports.
  • Filter and select the desired activity sections.
  • Be sure to include Waitlist as an enrollment status filter:
  • Select Default Settings first.
  • Then choose Rosters as the Output Group.
  • Ensure that PGParks - Activity Roster by Date Enrolled is the Output Template.
  • Finish the procedure by clicking Process.

The generated report is sorted by enrollment status, and then date, and finally time. In this example, Lauryn and Tre' were waitlisted on the same day, but Lauryn was added earlier and should receive first priority should a space become available:

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