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Ticket Sales Reports

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Ticket sales reports can be summarized to simply report the number of tickets sold, or be configured to display the contact information for each individual customer. This can be helpful when creating a mailing list.

Click the Reporting tab and select Report Listing. Navigate to the Ticket Sales Reports link to begin.

In the parameters window, filter the datagrid to the desired tickets:

If you've run this report before, PARKS DIRECT saves your previous settings. You can reset this using the Options button:

It may be beneficial to sort using the Ticket Code Range parameters if you're reporting on multiple events, but if you have selected events using the datagrid, "Use Ticket Code Range" must NOT be checked.

The Transaction/Event Filters will allow you to target specific date ranges, quantities sold, and types of transactions to report on:

Select the report output type:

Choose whether you want a detailed report by individual transaction or a summarized total and click Process.



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