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Activity Enrollment Statistics Reporting

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Running an enrollment report helps you learn more about who participates in an activity. Follow these steps to create a variety of activity reports based on enrollment.  

1. Sign in to PARKS DIRECT and select the menu icon on the upper-left.

2. Select Reporting > Activity Enrollment Reports. PARKS DIRECT will open a new window.

3. On the Core Criteria tab, select the activity (or activities) from the DataGrid that you want to include in your report.

Enter the activity code in the box under Activity Code, or enter the activity's name in the box under Short Description. Then select Enter on your keyboard to filter the DataGrid.

If you can't find the activity you're looking for, select Default Settings on the bottom-right corner. Doing this resets the DataGrid. 

4. Select Statistical Reports as the Output Group.

5. Choose a report template for the Output Template.

Templates that begin with "VSI -" are RecTrac's (PARKS DIRECT) built-in templates, and ones that begin with "PG Parks -" are the Department's templates.

6. Click Process.

7. Select your file format and output options. Then click Continue.

You will receive a notification from RecTrac when the report has finished running.

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