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Configuring Section Email Notifications (Waitlist, Full, etc.)

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While you are able to run reports in PARKS DIRECT to examine activity section rosters, that isn't the most efficient way to manage your filled sections. This article demonstrates how to set up instant notifications when a space becomes available in a full activity section.

  1. Click the Email Features tab when maintaining your section.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new email condition.
  1. Select the transaction type you wish to be emailed about.
  2. In the "Free Form Contact List" field, type email addresses that should receive notification. Separate email addresses by a comma with NO space.
  3. Click the Save button.
Transaction Type Receive an Email...
Cancellation Any time a client is withdrawn or cancels from the activity section.
Cancellation With Waitlist Any time a client is withdrawn or cancels, and the section has waitlisted clients.
Enrollment Any time a client is enrolled in the activity section.
Full Enrollment When the activity section is completely full.
Minimum Count Reached When the number of enrolled clients reaches the minimum number of registrants required to run the activity section.
Waitlist Enrollment Any time a client is added to the waitlist for the activity section.
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