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POS Inventory Count Sheet

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This report will show you what items you currently have entered into PARKS DIRECT with a blank field to enter Quantity on Hand.

Below you can see an example output that this report will provide.

How to Run the Report:

1. Click the Reporting tab to access the Reports Ribbon.

2. Click Report Listing to show frequently used reports.

3. Scroll down until you find the POS Inventory Reports.

4. Click Inventory Item Reports

5. Make sure the Use Inventory Code Range Check Box is CHECKED, if it is not checked...check it.

6. Click the Inventory Category drop down and select your facility category, for this example I will use Surratt House.

7. Once that information is entered. Click Process to run the report.

8. Set your report output (how you want the data to export.) I usually recommend leaving the file format as a PDF the first time you run a report. You can always print the preview on the next screen.

9. Then click continue to start the report. It will take a few seconds to run but once it is complete, it will pop up on your screen.

10. To rotate the report...
11. Download the report...
12. OR Print the report use the icons located in the upper right hand corner of the report preview.

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