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Inclusion enrollment report

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This report lists program registrants who have self-identified as needing disability accommodations.

Sign in to PARKS DIRECT and go to Reporting > Activity Enrollment Reports on the sidebar menu.

In the Activity Section Range frame,

1. Check the Use Activity Section Range checkbox, only if you have not selected sections using the DataGrid.

2. Confirm that the Begin Activity Section field is empty.

3. Type "ZZZZZZZZZZ" into the End Activity Section field.

Any DataGrid selections will be ignored if the Use Activity Section Range checkbox is checked.

If you have selected sections using the Activity Sections DataGrid, please leave the checkbox unchecked.

Continue to the Section / Enrollment Filters frame,

1. Set Enrollment Archived to "Yes, No".

2. Set Enrollment Status to "Enrolled".

3. If necessary, check the Use Enrollment Date Range checkbox. Then select actual dates for the Start and End date.

Next, expand the Primary Record Filters frame.

In the Activity Type field, check all activities except Therapeutic Recreation: Therapeutic Recreation and Virtual Programs: Virtual Programs.

Click the HH / FM Criteria tab.

In the FM Features drop-down, select DA: Yes - Disability Modification Requested.

Select Rosters as the Output Group.

Select PG PARKS - Inclusion Enrollment Report: Export as the Output Template.

Click Process.


Select CSV (Raw Data) as the file format.

Click Continue to run the report. You should receive a notification from RecTrac when the report is completed.

If the accommodation is listed as "Not Applicable," it means that the PARKS DIRECT account holder said they need an accommodation but failed to specify the type of accommodation. You can fix a "Not Applicable" accommodation in Household Management as shown in the screenshot below.

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