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RecConnect - Emails and Mailing Labels

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RecConnect is a reporting tool that sets up convenient customer interaction through email blasts or printing mailers and is customizable so that you can identify the specific group that you wish to reach. All of this is done within the PARKS DIRECT.

  1. Click Reporting.
  2. Select Report Output Listing.
  3. Filter reports by typing "RecConnect" in the description field.

Note that you can have RecConnect interactions for almost every type of transaction (Ex: email all patrons that purchased an aquatics membership, or create mailing labels for anyone in your city zip code that registered for a certain trip or activity).

  • Expand the appropriate group for the customer outreach you are attempting and run the RecConnect report.
  • Filter by pass type, activity section, customer zip code, etc. (dependent on the report chosen)
  • Click the Process button.

A new window appears with RecConnect History and options. We are not utilizing the RecConnect History features in the database as our Public Affairs and Marketing Division use other professional marketing tools. We will use RecConnect for one-time applications.

When running the RecConnect report it has 3 options to send a blast email. Option 1: everyone listed in the report regardless if a family household is listed 4 or more times with the same email they will receive 4 emails instead of one. Option 2: family members in the household with different or same emails will get multiple emails if they are listed more than once on the report. Option 3: unique household will send 1 email regardless if a household is selected multiple times on the report.

Simply click Continue.

The RecConnect report will generate a list of clients that met the criteria you selected. You decide what to do next:

Expanded Email Options:

Expanded Label Options:

  • Click Process RecConnect to launch your email and/or print your labels.
  • You will receive a notification in the Notification Center when the process is complete:
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