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Cash Journal Report

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Locating the Cash Journal Report

Log into PARKS DIRECT, start on the main screen and select Reporting, Report Output Listing on the menu tab

This will generate the Report Output Listing main screen.   In the description box type Cash Journal, this will filter out the modules/group list.  Single click on the Module/Group: System - Financial.

Select VSI-Cash Journal-System-Financial report

A preview window will appear, this window will show you a preview of the report. This feature for preview of the report is only for the reports that are pre-built though the VSI software.  The preview will appear in the right pane of the screen, click Run Report

Information screen will appear, select Continue

Setting Date Parameters

The next screen is very important this is were you set the parameters on how you want the report to generate.  The Cash Journal report can return various data, this is obtained by what is set GL Distribution Report screen.     One of the feature you want to set when running this report is the time frame.  

Locate the Use Posting Date Range under the Transaction Criteria section of the page, and check that box  

Once the box has been selected, additional options will appear just below the box.    

Note: This section is date range/time frame you want the report to contain once populated

Input the Begin Posting date and the End Posting Date

Setting Cash Drawer/Facility Parameters

Another area you'll want to set for the report to run, is the facility.  To set the Cash Journal report to run for just a facility, check the Use Cash Drawer Range Box, enter the Begin Drawer and End Drawer range that correspond to the facility you are looking for. Find the full list of cash drawers on the Screensteps link here.

Note: (Skip this step if you'd like to see transactions from all M-NCPPC facilities.)

Setting User Parameters

If you want the Cash Journal report to display every transaction that occurred within the date and cash drawer range you specified. You can set parameters to return transactions from all users by checking the "Use User Name Range" box, Begin UserName field blank, set the End Username field to "ZZZZZ"

If you only want to see transactions from a specific user or set of users, leave the "Use User Name Range" box unchecked. For this query, select the user or users you want from the "User Datagrid" on the left pane of the Core tab.

Running the Report

Once you have your parameters set the way you want them, click Process at the bottom right of the screen to begin running the report.

On the next screen you'll see three different fields, labeled Cash Journal Format Options, File Format, and Output Options.

The Cash Journal Format Options, has a various options to help determine the layout of the report. You'll always want to check the option Print End of Shift Batch Number.   This will ensure that the specific Batch Number each transaction belongs to will print on the report.

Under the File Format section, select PDF. If you're wanting to do mass email, select the CSV option.  This will generate an export Excel file that will allow you to do mass email.  

Output Options, select the option on which you'd like for the final report to generate.  Most commonly used is Preview Report.

Print Report will generate the report to print without viewing before you print  

Preview Report (recommended)  will allow you to look view the report on your computer screen before you print

E-mail Report will e-mail the report to the address of your choice

FTP Report is less useful and will not be checked in almost all circumstances.

Once you're Output Option has been selected, click Continue

The Success screen  

It will be a short delay , the report will appear as  you requested under the Output Options field

If the report is blank, return back to the GL Distribution Report (the main screen) of the Cash Journal Report and select the Default Process button.  This will clear any and all information that is set into the fields.  Then input all the information again.  

If you should have any concerns contact the Help Desk for any additional assistance

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