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How to Run Reports on Profiles

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You can use the VSI – Profiles Link Report to check where profiles are attached. This report helps verify what a Parks and Recreation employee's RecTrac (PARKS DIRECT) user interface should look like and what their permissions are.

A RecTrac (PARKS DIRECT) profile (a collection of permission settings) affects the way all users interact with RecTrac (PARK DIRECT). RecTrac (PARK DIRECT) uses a profile hierarchy to “decide” which profiles it assigns to users.  If administrators haven’t linked profile(s) in the Profile Assignments program, then RecTrac (PARK DIRECT) will give a user the default profiles.

For more on RecTrac profiles, go to this article.

Log in to RecTrac (PARKS DIRECT) and go to Profile Reports

1. Log in to PARKS DIRECT and select Reporting > Report Listing > System Miscellaneous > Profile Reports on the sidebar menu. Or enter profile reports in the Filter Menu search box to pull up Profile Reports.

2. On the Profile Report screen, move down to the Profile Record Types to Include area.

The Profile Code Range Filters and Additional Profile Filters areas are handy for tailoring the report to your liking.

3. Select the plus button next to the Profile Record Type(s) you want to include in the report. The profile types include location, drawer, super grid, etc.

PARKS DIRECT lists your selected profile types to the right of the available types. Select the minus button to remove a profile type from your report.

4. Select Process on the bottom right of the screen. PARKS DIRECT will open the Report Options pop-up.

5. It’s easiest to review the report in Excel, so select the CSV checkbox and uncheck the PDF checkbox.

6. Select Continue on the bottom left, and Vermont Systems will begin processing your report.

7. Your report will appear in your Notifications after Vermont Systems finishes processing.

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