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Scheduling Reports

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Scheduling reports can be an extremely helpful tool in automation. Without logging into the PARKS DIRECT database, you'll be able to get the reports you need at your fingertips, at the time you need them. It is important to set the parameters of your report correctly and set the parameters of the schedule so that you get accurate results.

  1. You can schedule any type of report. Choose the appropriate report for your purposes and set any parameters as needed.
  2. Choose the output type.
  3. Click Process.

Select your report options and click Schedule:

Scheduling a report with Preview Report as the output will run the report, but it will only be accessible through your document center upon logging into PARKS DIRECT once the report is done running. This is not ideal.

Scheduling a report with Print Report as the output will not work as you'll log out of PARKS DIRECT before the report processes. Only print reports when you're actually ready to print them.

The report scheduling parameters appear. Select carefully as this will tell PARKS DIRECT when and how often the report will run. Errors with this section could cause the report to never run. In the example below, we have scheduled a report to run once every day for 5 days during June.

Email 'To' Address When Event Completes is not the same thing as where scheduled reports will be emailed. This is simply an email that says "Scheduled Report XXXXX was completed." It is not necessary. The recipients of scheduled reports are set on the previous window.

Reports will be scheduled according to the parameters set. If an error was made with the parameters set and you're receiving erroneous reports, contact the Help Desk to have a report schedule terminated. (301)699-2255

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