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Household Partner Report

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Once you are signed into PARKS DIRECT:

1. Click the Menu Button.

2. In the search bar type "Report Output"

3. In the search results Select "Report Output Listing".

In "Report Output Listing"

1. In the Description box type "Household".

2. Open the drop down menu for "Module/Group: System - Setup", select and highlight "PGParks - Household Listing".

3. Click "Run Report".

The following "Information" will prompt, proceed by clicking "Continue".

In "Household Report"

1. Under "Household Number Range" check the box for "Use Household # Range".

2. "Begin Household #" must be blank and "End Household #" is set to "999999999".

In "Primary Record Filters".

Open the drop down menu for "HH Features" and select "Partner: Partner".

Once you have "Use Household # Range" and "Partner feature" selected, proceed by clicking "Process".

Select your preferred "File Format" and "Output Options", proceed by clicking "Continue".

The "Success" prompt will appear and the report will generate shortly.

You have successfully ran your report.

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