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How to Book Labor in EAM


Booking Labor tracks the number of hours employee has worked on for each work order’s activity.  

While on a Work order go to the Book Labor

Book Labor Tab

1.  Select the Activity that was worked on from the dropdown.

Activity Search

NOTE: This field displays the activity’s sequence and name to eliminate confusion on the type of work done.

2.  Select the employee(s) :

a. The Employee field by entering your ID


b. The Crew field by entering the Crew’s ID or clicking on the dataspy

If the crew has a sudden change, please go to Booking Labor for Multiple Employees

Labor Details

3.  Enter or select the date in Date Worked field.  

Date Work Selection


4.  Enter the number of hours worked in the Hours Worked field.

Hours Worked

 NOTE: If booking labor for a crew, the amount of time has to be multiplied by the amount of people in that crew.

5.   Enter the Book Labor Description on what was done i.e: Cleaning up or other pertinent details to the labor tracking.

6. Click on the Save icon which will show labor booked for this work order.

Booking Labor for Multiple Employees

The process is the same as booking labor for individual employees. This solves the challenge if our crews may have a sudden change.  

Booked Labor Screen 2

1.   Select your Activity

2.   Enter or select your Date Worked

3.  Enter the hours worked in the Hours Worked field

Example: Enter the specific hours staff each worked. If we have 3 staff work 4.5 hours, enter 1.5 hours in the Hours Worked field

4. Click on the Employee(s)

Employee Lookup

Click on the check box to the left of the the employee ID numbers to select multiple staff persons who worked.

To make search within a user's current division, change the dataspy from (default) to "My Division"


5. Click on the Save icon


Watch this video here to see entire process.

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