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EAM Mobile - Updating Work Orders

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Updating WO's will help address to operators or requestors on what's happening with a work order.



1. Work Order Screen

Edit WO screen
  1. While in the Work Order Section, Click on the Edit WO icon.
  2. Like in the Desktop app user can update either
    • Description
    • Status
    • Assigned to

on a work order to reflect what's happening with a work order.

2. Work Order Comments

Work Order Comments communicate anything that's happening with the WO in real time. Comments can be added at any time. Users can also see existing comments made by the requestor to address the concern(s).


Reviewing Comments
  1. Click on the Comments Bubble
    • (From here users can see the history of comments made between a requestor, manager or adding their own.
Adding Comments
  1. Press the  "..." Button.
  2. In the middle of the screen, Press the Add Comments Button within the Comments section
  3. Enter Comment/notes in the Comment Screen
  4. Click "Save at the bottom once completed.

Please review your comments before saving.  Some comments could be viewable to outside groups.

3. Documents

Documents allow us to see items that are part of the WO. Like Comments users can see Documents attached or add their own documents.


Reviewing Documents
  1. To View Documents, click on the Document Button
  2. Select Documents from the Menu
  3. In the Documents Screen, users can click on existing Document(s) added to the Work Order.
Adding Documents
  1. Slide back to Work Order Card
  2. Click on Documents Button
  3. Click Take a Picture
    • Take photo from the iPad
  4. If acceptable, click on "Use Photo"
    • The screen will go back to the Work Order card with a Document ID towards the bottom.
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