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How to use Work Order Templates


Adding a Work Order Template

This process is to assist managers with their work management processes and returning a portion of their time. Managers have a 10-step process for managing work orders. The most time consuming part of the process is adding activities and the details that go with them (especially on multiple Work Orders). With the templates provided, their process has been reduced to four. As a result, maintenance managers can shift remaining time towards planning and other major projects.

Adding EAM templates

STEP 1: On an existing Work Order (status must be “Approved”), scroll down to Activity/ Project Information

Activity Project Information

STEP 2: Click on the Work Order Template dataspy to enter or select a template ID


Template Search

BRKFX-PG should be applied to Break-Fix WO’s  SERVRQ-PG should be applied to Service Request WO’s


STEP 3 :Save the work order



Once the template has been added to a Work Order, two activities are automatically provided for each template.

Activity Break Fix Template Service Request Template
10 Inspect Inspect / Review
20 Work Effort / Repair Work Effort

Click here to watch video.



Addressing Work Orders 

Current Process
New Template Process
1 Change Status 1 SAME
2 Assign to Staff 2 SAME
3 Create an Activity 3 Add Template

  • 4 - Enter Activity Name
  • 5 - Enter Trade
  • 6 - Enter #hours to be worked
  • 7 - Enter # people to work
  • 8 - Enter Start Dates 9 - Enter End Dates

Activities are pre-configured no longer requiring any manual entry.
10 Save 4 SAME

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