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Pin Pad "PAN PAD ERROR" / No Connection

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The credit card terminal at your workstation is displaying a PAN PAD ERROR on the device's display or reads No Connection.


The credit card terminal is unable to contact PARKS DIRECT - this message will appear if you are not logged into PARKS DIRECT.  If you are logged into PARKS DIRECT AND there is still a PAN PAD CONNECTION or "No Connection" error there is a communication error with VIC which will require you to reconnect.

How to Fix:

Try this first...

Log into PARKS DIRECT - this should connect your credit card terminal and display the text "Welcome" on the credit card terminal.

If that doesn't work...

Completely close PARKS DIRECT and restart VIC by following these steps:

1. Left click the "show hidden icons" arrow in the bottom right of you screen to display your hidden icons.
2. The tiny V with a green or blue circle is VIC. If you do not see this icon skip to step 5.

3. Right Click on the VIC icon to show additional options.
4. Left Click "Exit" to close VIC.

5. Restart VIC by double left click on the Vermont Integration Client (VIC) button on your desktop.

6. Log back into PARKS DIRECT. If this solution worked your Credit Card Terminal should read "Welcome." If you continue to experience difficulties please restart your computer and try logging in to PARKS DIRECT again. If things are still acting funny contact the Help Desk by phone at 301-699-2255 or by emailing [email protected] 

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