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What are Follow-up Work Orders?


Follow-up Work Orders are created from work orders that have a Checklist. This allows for inspectors to get corrective work done for checklist items in a few steps. Based of the inspectors' work program, the checklist results will determine what requires follow-up.

Follow-up work orders do not impact the status of the original work order.

An inspector will need to be on existing Work Order and go to their Checklist.

Work order Checklist
Follow-up WO Checklist
  1. Identify Checklist item that needs Follow-up
    • The Notes will help identify what needs to be done in the Follow up Work order make them as clear as possible.  
  2. Click on the Follow-up checkbox
  3. Go to Actions menu
  4. Select Create Follow-up WO
  5. Click on Save icon

Once the record has processed, the user will see the Follow-up Work Order ID with its activity.

 This process should be done individually for each inspection item. If multiple Follow-ups boxes are checked at the same time when creating them, the inspections will share the same Work Order. This MAY cause an issue if Work Orders need to go to specific trades between the maintenance divisions.

Click here to watch video.

Unless the inspector updates the Follow-up work order assignments. They will go through the normal work order routing process between the regional park divisions.

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